Enhance Your Fleet’s Safety with AI-Powered Video

Trimble Video Intelligence™ saves lives, mitigates risk and improves safety for your drivers. Beyond basic dash cameras, Video Intelligence solutions improve driving habits and accountability. Trimble Video Intelligence is built on a powerful Artificial Intelligence platform, designed to provide real-time guidance to drivers on the go, as well as trigger event recordings to enhance fleet safety programs. With 4 easily configurable cameras that monitor the road and drivers in 1080p high resolution, Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution allows your fleet to make better, faster, more informed decisions and reward good driving habits.

With Trimble Video Intelligence, You Can:

Locate the Footage You Need, When You Need It Trimble Video Intelligence immediately provides an unbiased picture of your fleet. From AI-powered onboard event recording triggered by behavior to on-demand viewing, ensure you have the video evidence you need to mitigate risk and potentially exonerate yourself in the event of an accident.

Mitigate Potential Events Give your drivers true in-cab intelligence. The platform includes a high resolution, forward-facing camera with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to alert drivers to unintentional road lane departures and forward collision risks. It also includes the Dynamic Driver Defense (DCube), a small in-cab device that provides audible and visual alerts for following distance, lane departure, in-cab distractions and more. The optional Driver Assist displays the appropriate live video in-cab to help drivers navigate blind spots and tight areas like loading docks.

Enhance Your Training Program Use AI-triggered event recordings to coach drivers with real time examples, improving the behaviors of your most at risk drivers and rewarding your best ones. The optional Cabin Intelligent Monitor (CIM) also gives you the opportunity to protect drivers from fatigue and in-cab distractions.

Gain a More Complete Picture Trimble Video Intelligence combines 1080p resolution with AI-powered event recording, allowing high resolution clarity from up to four cameras. This near 360-degree view can provide you with important context into an incident, including details such as license plates, trailer numbers and road signage.

Watch Now:  See an Unbiased Perspective of the Road

From capturing accidents and near-misses, to highlighting driving behavior in need of coaching, Trimble Video Intelligence presents you with a clear view of your fleet and your drivers’ experience in and along their routes.