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Create invoice formats with the familiar Crystal Reports®. One easy-to-use system handles single order bills, master billing and user-defined consolidated rating. It can also handle multiple bill-to-transactions for a single invoice and supplementary billing for automated accessorial charges such as detention. And, for easy interfacing, reporting is ODBC compliant.


  • No waiting for post-delivery paperwork to bill, so you can bill prior to order delivery
  • Allows you to bill via paper invoices, fax, email or EDI
  • Billing is integrated into Imaging or other document management solutions
  • Specialized contract billing, intermodal container depot and chassis billing – for fast delivery of invoices details and easy compliance with paperwork requirements


Dispatch is the most critical component of running an efficient and profitable operation. TruckMate has the flexibility to handle different types of dispatch functions and operations. It has intuitive point-and-click or drag-and-drop trip creation, multiple-leg planning, empty mileage tracking and visual mapping. It also manages hours of service, calculates driver pay and has optional maintenance event tracking. You can easily customize to fit the way you work.


  • Know the status of all resources – including trailers, drivers, tractors, chassis and containers
  • Truckload carriers reduce empty miles with mileage tracking
  • LTL carriers proactively plan more efficient outbound loads
  • Advanced visibility to inbound freight for outbound load planning
  • Intermodal carriers avoid unnecessary per diem and demurrage charges
  • Dispatchers and planners can tailor screen views to meet their needs
  • Dispatch tracks user activity to ensure accountability and enable corrective action
screenshot of quoting, rating and order management

Access quoting, rating and order management capabilities from the customer service window – all in an instant.

Dispatch Advisor

Trimble Transportation offers an automated, optimized solution through TruckMate that identifies and allows load planners to select the best match, the first time for every load tendered. The matches are made using multiple variables including but not limited to location, remaining driver HOS and delivery time frames. In a matter of minutes, Trimble Dispatch Advisor saves your fleet time and money by helping your load planners and dispatchers to streamline common loads and concentrate on exceptions.


  • Increase speed-to-skill for new load planners
  • Heighten driver utilization and retention
  • Reduce OOR and empty miles
  • Limit dwell time
  • Improve on-time delivery and customer service
  • Decrease time and money lost to manual processes and errors

Customer Service

See all order-related information on a clean, easy-to-understand screen. Find tracing numbers; view images, bills of lading, P/O and customs information; add notes for drivers; use an interactive mileage look-up; create new zones, shippers and consignees on the fly; and much more. Need different information for different roles? Secure, on-screen tabs keep information you need in plain sight, with the backup close at hand. Plus, throughout TruckMate, when users see a freight bill number, they’re just a click away from the complete order record.


  • Reduce order entry time with minimal mouse reliance
  • Built to manage even the highest volume
  • Clean screen view for all tasks – including order entry, billing, driver pay, accounting and more

Create custom rates sheets for each of your clients and by country for international carriers.

Document Management Interface

For a protected, secure, cloud-based document processing solution turn to Trimble. We integrate with Synergize, WorkOptima and others to centralize print renditions, scanned images and receipts.


  • Take advantage of easy access during billing to streamline processes
  • Experience increases in data accuracy and eliminate duplicates
  • Realize significant decreases in days out

Auto Rating

Faster, more accurate rating is easy. TruckMate handles virtually any type of rating structure and minimizes maintenance of rate tables. It supports external carrier rates through 3GTMS or SMC3, plus NATC, CPUC, D83 tariffs and internally developed tariffs. Brokers can even add rates for external carriers. Rates can be assigned to individual clients, groups of clients or all clients, and the system lets you rate by mile or by load.


  • Eliminates the need to maintain separate rate details for sales and rating, increasing consistency
  • Change rates as soon as they need to be changed, not when your system allows
  • Brokers can shop for the best carrier rate based on service level, freight class, commodity, equipment requirements and more
  • Creates and maintains unlimited accessorial charges (including fuel surcharges, wait time and hazardous materials)
  • Allows you to rate for multiple points and/or modes individually on a single freight bill
Crosscountry Courier Quote for TruckMate
Brown Trucking Quote for TruckMate


TruckMate Accounting is a full-featured, integrated accounting system developed specifically for the trucking industry. Because every part of TruckMate works with a single database, information only has to be entered once. Then it’s automatically in place for every other use. You save time, eliminate data entry errors, and easily access accurate data from anywhere in the system.

The user interface allows easy access to applications including: Accounts Receivable; Accounts Payable; General Ledger; U.S., Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Payroll; Fixed Assets; as well as Carrier and COD Payables.


  • Save time and reduce errors by entering data only once
  • Back Office and Operations are linked for fast, seamless integration
  • Information is always current individually on a single freight bill

Driver Payables

TruckMate makes it easier to keep drivers satisfied by paying them accurately and on time. Set up rule-based contracts that automate payments. The same system also lets you see payables as part of load costs in real time.


  • First entry automatically loads into A/P, Fuel Import and repair and maintenance systems –eliminating time wasted by double entry
  • Maintenance charges automatically flow through to driver deductions, reducing driver bad debts
  • Formats easy-to-understand statements and pulls up past statements on-demand to streamline driver communications

Carrier Payables

TruckMate allows you to accurately create accruals and process correct carrier expenses, which are then matched easily against invoices.


  • Accurate expense accrual for the carriers
  • Avoids potential for double payment
Payables infographic