Connecting Beyond the Office

Warehouse Management

With the Truckmate and 3PL Central integration, you can handle multiple, high-volume orders and charges from a single connection. Our customers benefit from the complete competitive advantage; orders in real time for processing, review, approval and dispatching.


  • Automate freight bills, accounts receivables charges and more —all in real time.
  • Set up and accept warehouse accessorial charges which flow directly into our integrated accounting solution for faster invoicing.
  • Your customers receive a single invoice.
  • Maximize your revenue with sufficient orders per truck.
  • 3From refrigerated and frozen to dry goods, warehouse management is now seamless and appropriate for all sizes and all types of transported goods.

How many times have you asked yourself questions about revenue, empty miles, operational efficiency or the profitability assessment of a given customer, asset or driver? The customizable answers are now within your grasp.

Command Center®—KPI Monitoring

You know what data has the biggest impact on your business. Command Center lets you decide what performance information you want to monitor. Choose these key performance indicators and Command Center puts that data right on your desktop – automatically and in real time. It pulls daily and historical information including: Dispatching, Billing, Customer Service and Accounting. You can easily design customized screens of information, displayed in expandable views that monitor your company’s unique KPIs. It’s just what you need to take immediate action that affects long-term results.

The Dawg®—Automated Notifications

The Dawg turns information into action. Once you’ve set your key performance indicators through Command Center, The Dawg makes it easy to track them by constantly scanning company transactions. If it sees a performance rule you’ve set being broken or trending negatively, it sends an automated email alert so action can be taken. For example, if load profitability falls below the target gross margin, The Dawg lets you know. If your dispatcher schedules a load with too many empty miles, the Dawg sends an alert. Nothing gets by The Dawg.

Management Reports

The TruckMate system makes reporting easier with almost 300 templates designed with SAP Crystal Reports. Make changes to existing reports or create new ones with a selection of detailed or summary information. TruckMate’s single database design and open architecture simplifies the gathering of information from various operational activities in a singular efficient and compliant format.


  • Improved visibility to business activities reveals performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Reports created efficiently with accounting, operations and repair/maintenance information available in one system
  • Allows creation of your own custom reports with Crystal Reports development tools
Trimble Reveal™ Series on a desktop

Put the data to work for you, and watch efficiency soar.

Trimble Reveal™ Series

Our Reveal Series, developed exclusively by and for transportation industry professionals, is a powerful set of decision-making tools. The series includes Data Warehouse and Visual Analytics Dashboards along with ETL capabilities and database optimization, which empower your business to leverage data sourced from multiple systems within your business as well as other industry organizations.

With these solutions you can:

  • Generate actionable intelligence across all business operations
  • Adapt strategies, systems and services to a changing market
  • Benchmark business performance against industry peers

Ready to make the most of your data?


LTL carriers can streamline cross-dock operations and eliminate misdirected freight with the TMW TruckMate ConnectedDock mobile app. Designed for use with the new generation of commercial-grade Android-based handheld scanners, the ConnectedDock app can streamline several key processes – unloading, data collection, loading, through trips/partial unloads, freight receiving and OS&D documentation – performed by dock employees. All with real-time visibility.

Prompt workers to re-weigh and re-dimension shipment more frequently and supply real-time information to make billing adjustments. Receive instant error messages for attempts to load freight on the wrong trailer. Unlike conventional solutions, the app features advanced logic and an enhanced user interface ideally suited to the extreme pace of the dock environment.


  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Keeps better track of freight, with electronic audit trails
  • Reduces mistakes (preventing loading freight on the wrong trailer, etc.)
  • Empowers dockworkers to perform some dispatch functions so they don't have to wait on dispatchers
  • Improves decision making by displaying valuable information
  • Increases accuracy of data collection

TruckMate DASH Driver

Think about the efficiency of not having your drivers tethered to in-cab devices for connection to trip information. It’s all possible. TruckMate DASH Driver provides remote access to daily assigned trips, pay summary, accurate mapping, notifications and more to keep drivers connected to dispatch. It's most effective with drivers who have higher visibility to TMS details, including access to company notes to determine the right dock or gate code.


  • Better quality of life by maximizing efficiency – making it easier to execute common tasks
  • Improved customer satisfaction with accurate, transparent and easy-to-locate information
  • Enhanced flexibility with communication outside the cab, back to the office
  • Intuitive and easy to use

TruckMate DASH Dispatch

Experience a clear way for dispatchers to communicate 24/7 with your drivers, without actually being in the office. TruckMate DASH Dispatcher allows for remote access to trip information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), all geared toward your business success. Plan and track efficiently, handle exceptions, perform quick order lookups and much more.


  • Access to status changes and exception handling while away from the office
  • Ability to conduct effective business operations with efficient planning and resource tracking tools
  • Simplifies assignments and performs order lookup quickly
TruckMate DASH Driver