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TruckMate Additional Modules

Container IQ

Container IQ puts rail, ports and terminal shipment tracking together in one application. By integrating with Truckmate TMS you have visibility into current transit and release status updates – including ETAs, pickup numbers, LFDs, chassis/lot locations and hold statuses. Container identification flows seamlessly from your dispatch screens to the web-scanning app, to synchronize tracking information and schedules. Container IQ stores a history of every trace.

Repair and Maintenance

Automate planning, completing and managing tasks for single locations or multiple shop inventories. Track work and invoices for internal equipment, owner operators and outside customers. Repair and Maintenance comes fully integrated with Dispatch, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Driver Payables, Billing and General Ledger.


Simplify meeting trading partners’ information needs. TruckMate’s EDI, backed by Trimble’s EDI professionals, lets you say “yes” to requests. Our specialists talk directly with your clients, develop a system, then test and implement it.

EDI Compare

This tool is designed especially for truckload and less-than-truckload carriers, along with brokers and 3PLs using EDI through third parties like Kleinschmidt or CLEO. The automated and integrated module works to identify inbound load tender updates. By comparing the original orders to changes, EDI Compare pushes notification to predetermined users, as specified, when new information is entered. It allows carriers to automatically accept changes prior to shipment, including time and quantity.


TM4Web offers key TruckMate functionality on the web, and allows continuous 24/7 interaction with your customers, carriers and agents. Customers can perform essential TruckMate functions – including entering loads, tracking shipments and getting rate quotes. Outside carriers and agents can manage their freight in several ways, including status updates and OS&D entries. TM4Web also offers full customization options to conform to your online presence.



  • Track shipments and associated documents
  • Track freight on mobile platforms
  • Get online rate quotes
  • Enter orders
  • Create or view a BOL
  • View and print custom crystal reports
  • View Open Accounts Receivable
  • File claims
  • Intuitive and easy to use

Carriers and Agents

  • Track, send and manage load offers and requests
  • Manage accepted/assigned loads
  • Update statuses and appointment windows
  • Manage OS&D
  • Look up orders and trips

Chassis Management Module

The TruckMate Chassis Management module helps eliminate time- and labor-intensive work like repositioning, matching, inventory control and purchasing.  From issuing payments to disputing line items, this solution automates the capture, reconciliation and per-diem charge billing in one system--no exports, no data transfers. Complete with audit tools and third-party billing capabilities, the module simplifies tracking chassis pickups, dropoffs, locations and timing to increase productivity and minimize costs.


  • Improve accountability by tracking expenditures along with disputes vs. billed incoming in one solution
  • Control costs for per diem and demurrage; improve budgeting 
  • Increase productivity by eliminating multiple systems to plan trips, bill customer and dispute charges
  • Improve billing accuracy with a chassis audit tool and by matching costs with billings after identifying discrepancies


D2Link is a cost-effective mobile data solution offered for use with various consumer smartphones, including iOS and Android phones from major cellular carriers. The D2Link system offers a flexible alternative to traditional, fixed in-cab communications platforms and includes key features such as bar code scanning, signature capture, geofencing and forms and messaging. Available for Android and iOS users and now offers a fresh, user friendly user interface. D2Link also offers extensive functionality of Trimble Mobile Imaging including image capture and upload as well as tracking of required paperwork.

Driver Analytics & Retention

With two core components and algorithms designed based on real-world, industry experience, Driver Analytics is focused on ways you can limit driver turnover. Beginning with a scoring system, Driver Analytics identifies not only the drivers most likely to voluntarily leave a carrier in the next 28 days, but also why they are at risk – providing fleets the time needed to act and avoid a departure. Going one step further, the system is connected to a remediation platform in TruckMate that provides coaching opportunities that empower carriers with the knowledge they need to act on and prevent driver departure.

Fuel Tax

The system makes it easy to track, pay, and reconcile fuel purchases state by state. Configure it for local standards and practices. Pass dispatch trip information through PC*MILER, Rand McNally or ProMiles for state mileage breakdowns. Plus, the system supports odometer updates at state line crossings using in-cab mobile units and GPS tracking.

Fuel Card

Fuel Card lets integrates a variety of vendor card features in real-time. Plus, it lightens the administrative workload because card data can be imported directly into the system. Easy partnering with leading fuel card suppliers lets you stay on top of fuel requirements.

TMW Imaging

Turn invoices, forms and archived documents into electronic files that are easy to access with no clumsy papers to sort. Scan, store, and manage all your documents – improving customer service, staff efficiency and cash flow.

Fleet Management

This open system lets you create outbound and inbound forms for drivers. You decide what information to send and what to update in the TruckMate database. TruckMate interfaces to D2Link and Trimble Mobility tools, as-well-as Omnitracs ES and XRS, and many other providers.

ACE eManifest

ACE eManifest filing supports the U.S. Customs and Border Protection mandate for land-port crossings clearances across U.S. borders from Canada and Mexico. In addition to reducing border wait time, redundant data entry is eliminated – because ACE is integrated with TruckMate’s Dispatch application.

Safety and Compliance

HR Recruitment

TruckMate’s integrated solution manages government-mandated incident reporting – from the incident through to resolution. It also tracks government-required preventive tests for equipment and drivers, as well as company standards, programs and incentives. There’s Incident Tracking, Drug Testing, Training, Safety Awards, DOT Inspections and Driver Logs. The result? Cost savings and a security blanket against liability.

TruckMate’s driver recruitment management tool can increase accuracy of driver status information, reduce recruitment costs and minimize turnover. From a single information-packed database, it’s easy to filter through applicants to find the right driver for the job.

Load Tendering, Rating and Shopping

With a special integration, additional rich features are available. Our customers can review a wide variety of boards and sources to select carriers, request spot rates, and manage load tenders and acceptance from a variety of shippers.