Desktop and Tablet view of TMT Fleet Maintenance dashboard


Evolve your shop from day one.

Shop Management

TMT systematizes a full range of shop functions to optimize workflows, reduce technician downtime and promote service consistency and quality. Popular features include:

  • PM scheduling
  • Work-pending repair order alerts and proactive notification
  • Real-time RO generation at the shop floor
  • Work standards set by task

Equipment Management

Enter key information for each piece of equipment just one time, then leverage this intelligence across your entire business and across a wide variety of types of vehicles and equipment. User-defined and system-designed reports help uncover new opportunities to improve equipment management and maintenance practices. You can use this module to:

  • Track maintenance costs per mile, per hour and/or other user-defined measure
  • Record equipment inventory, specifications and component details
  • Generate accurate equipment cost comparisons
  • Document license permits and inspections with pending expiration alerts

Parts/Purchasing Management

Save time and money through streamlined purchase ordering and parts inventory management. Use this module to:

  • Analyze part usage and inventory movement
  • Manage corporate purchasing with parts catalog
  • Set reorder points and alerts
  • Monitor back-order status
  • Track purchases by supplier
  • Interface with accounting

Bar Coding

Bar coded parts and bin labels help streamline inventory, eliminate stocking errors and ensure proper billing for parts and labor.

SSRS Reporting

Interact with your data using visual controls such as grids, charts, gauges and graphs.

  • One-click reporting with drill-down options
  • Easily export and share reports as PDFs with active hyperlinks
  • Save reports in PDF, CSV and Microsoft Word or Excel formats


Invoicing enables service providers to generate accurate, timely invoices to internal and external customers for work performed in the shop or service center.

  • Manage customer-specific discounts
  • Eliminate errors and customer complaints
  • Compress order-to-cash cycle

Payment Processing

Experience the convenience of credit card processing to expand payment options and business opportunities. Service centers and fleets can easily accept and quickly process credit card payments for their retail maintenance operations giving customers new options.

Shop Planner

Coordinate, track and manage repair schedules for equipment routed to a company or vendor facility.

  • Forecast work requirements and labor needs
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Generate cost estimates
  • Track units and people with multiple grouping and sorting options
  • Work standards set by task