Free to grow.

Grow Anywhere: On-Premise. In the Cloud.

Carriers are able to operate their TMT Fleet Maintenance software either on-premise or through true, multi-tenant SaaS implementation offering exceptional speed and availability.

TMT Fleet Maintenance subscription-based solutions deliver a broad range of highly intuitive, user-friendly features designed to help shops operate at peak efficiency. TMT Fleet Maintenance is fully managed by Trimble experts using dedicated servers housed in highly secure, geographically dispersed data centers.

Fueled By the Power of IBM i.

Global banking and finance companies run on IBM i technology. So do Las Vegas casinos, top-tier manufacturers and many of the world’s largest health care providers. Why? Because their success depends on bulletproof availability, exceptional resistance to malware and other threats, and the ability to quickly process huge volumes of data.

TMT Fleet Maintenance uses IBM i technology for all the same reasons. Plus, we’ve combined these advantages with a modern, highly intuitive web interface that’s fast and easy to learn and use.

Imagine the power and protection of an Abrams tank combined with the speed and agility of a high-end sports car. That’s the experience you can count on with a TMT Fleet Maintenance solution.

*On-premises implementation available upon request.

Compliance: On Time

TMT Fleet Maintenance software delivers more than world-class asset maintenance and business management tools. It also delivers the power of Software-As-A-Service, enabling users to minimize the distractions, disruptions and unexpected costs of traditional, on-premises software. A SaaS model that streamlines processes around compliance for Innovative Access and Access Plus customers is also found in TMTRx. It is built to align capabilities with the needs of any size fleet with any type of equipment. Easy to implement and learn, improves compliance and increases efficiency at a low cost. TMTRx can be implemented using nothing more than an internet connection and a favorite web browser.