With TripAlert, know if your truck will be on time and if your driver has the HOS time to complete the run. You’ll get proactive alerts to issues that are about to occur, including transit delays, excessive dwell and service events - so you can react before it’s too late.


This add-on to the TotalMail – TMWSuite check call interface uses GPS position reports from certain in-cab logging and tracking systems to automate ‘circle of service’ event updates for Dispatch. Commonly, tracking systems that support this feature will generate extra position reports based on tractor inactivity and started activity. Form messages are automatically generated for arrivals and departures based on these events and the tractor’s proximity to a known location. To support this automation, each stop location on the driver’s trip must have specific latitude and longitude data stored in TMWSuite. This module includes tools for bulk or as-needed geocoding of customer locations, using your licensed Trimble MAPS mileage service. Specific functionality may vary by service provider.

  • Blue Tree
  • Geofencing Geologic Proximity Alerts
  • Geofencing Omnitracs AA&D
  • Trimble Transportation
  • XRS
  • XRS Turnpike

Mobile Communications SmartLink

Combines three add-on modules to integrate a single, specific vehicle logging and tracking system with TMWSuite dispatch. Includes a SmartLink interface for connecting with the data services for a specific in-cab mobile tracking and messaging system. Includes TotalMail, the Trimble middleware gateway that can integrate multiple, different mobile tracking systems to Dispatch for greater productivity. It manages messages and data between dispatchers and drivers using in-cab or mobile wireless devices. It can also integrate data from trailer tracking and remote diagnostics systems to dispatch operations. The ETA Alerts module notifies selected individuals when a driver is likely to be late for a pickup or delivery event, based on calculations of upcoming stops and the tractor’s most recently communicated GPS position. If the arrival may be later than scheduled, sends an e-mail alert or TotalMail driver message to designated people. An alert will also be sent if driver and tractor resources have not been assigned to a load and it appears the scheduled ETA will not be met. Additional SmartLink interfaces can be licensed to add to your TotalMail system if multiple mobile communications or tracking systems are in use in your fleet.

  • Blue Tree
  • Cadec
  • CarrierWeb
  • Drivertech
  • Flat File API
  • Geotab*
  • Iglobal
  • Isaac Instruments*
  • Keep Truckin*
  • Lojack Mexico
  • Omnitracs
  • Pedigree*
  • Pegasus Transflo*
  • Rand McNally
  • Shaw
  • Teletracs
  • Transcore - Globalwave
  • Trimble Transportation
  • WebTech
  • XRS
  • Zonar*

*requires Totalmail V16.10 or Fleetconnect

D2Link 3.0

D2Link 3.0 is a cost-effective mobile data solution offered for use with various consumer smartphones, including iOS and Android from major cellular carriers. D2Link is available for all Trimble TMS products. The D2Link system offers a flexible alternative to traditional, fixed in-cab communications platforms and includes key features such as bar code scanning, signature capture, geofencing and forms and messaging. D2Link was enhanced in 2019 to be available for Android and iOS users and now offers a fresh, user friendly user interface. D2Link also now offers the extensive functionality of Trimble Mobile Imaging including image capture and upload, and tracking of required paperwork.

  • D2Link SaaS Bundle
  • D2Link Per Phone License
  • D2Link Per Phone License (GeoTrac)

D2Link Geofencing Update

Geofencing can be used to automatically trigger arrival and departure event updates to dispatch for improved trip status tracking with less driver inconvenience.

D2Link Barcode Scanning/Inventory Control

A D2Link feature upgrade that adds the ability to read in fuel tank inventory levels by barcode scan and integration with inventory control systems.

  • D2Link Barcode Scanning/Inventory Control
  • D2Link Signature Capture Upgrade
  • D2Link Barcode Scanning/Inventory Control Upgrade

D2Link Signature Capture Upgrade

A D2Link feature upgrade that adds support for touch-screen or stylus-enabled devices running D2Link to capture customer signature images, then transfer them for storage and reference to your Trimble software.

TMWGo! Driver/ TMWGo! Dispatch

TMWGo! is an iOS/Android mobile application that offers convenient and secure on- the-go access to TMWSuite data regarding orders, drivers, tractors, trailers, carriers and companies. Basic operations functions such as adding or viewing check calls, updating stops, viewing reports, etc. are also supported.

TMWGo! Notifications

TMWGo! Driver and Dispatch notifications are features added to the existing Go! Mobile apps that make it easier to instantly see changes made to an order that will require planning changes by the driver or dispatcher. For example, if a change is made to a driver on an order, the driver will be notified they are no longer assigned to an order so they’ll be aware of the change and be able to replan. The new driver will also be made aware they’ve been assigned to the order. These notifications help eliminate time each day drivers and dispatchers spend on the phone together about these logistics. This tool is particularly useful for carriers with regular load changes.


A cloud-based solution employing the latest technology to provide a fast and seamless connection between your TMS and mobile communications platform. FleetConneX is designed specifically for fleets using TMW.Suite software in conjunction with Trimble Transportation and Omnitracs mobile communication solutions. FleetConneX ensures your orders and order updates are processed within seconds after being received from your in-cab or driver mobile vendor. Outbound data is processed just as quickly.

TTIS SmartLink

The standard Trailer Tracking data interface for TotalMail. Basic GPS position reports can be received and passed to TMW Dispatch. A separate TTIS license is required for each different trailer tracking service provider to be connected from your fleet. Functionality may vary by service provider.


TotalMail is the Trimble middleware gateway that can integrate multiple, different mobile tracking systems to Dispatch for greater productivity. It manages messages and data between dispatchers and drivers using in-cab or mobile wireless devices. It can also integrate data from trailer tracking and remote diagnostics systems to dispatch operations. Requires an additional SmartLink interface for connecting with the data services for each specific in-cab mobile tracking and messaging system or trailer tracking system in the fleet.

TotalMail Advance Form Editor

TotalMail has the ability to enable users to make changes to forms (what the driver sees, and/or what you do with the data the driver provides) through the Advanced Form Editor. This requires specific training on its use. Please see your Trimble Sales representative for further details.

Trailer/ Asset Tracking

Asset tracking integrations give your dispatchers visibility into trailer, container and other equipment data, specifically:

  • GPS Updates - See locations on a map
  • Cargo Sensor (empty/loaded)
  • Door Sensor (open/closed)
  • Motion Sensor (stopped/idle/started/moving)
  • Power Sensor (external power/internal battery)
  • Trailer Connection Sensor (tethered/untethered)
  • Temperature

Available integrations include:

  • Blue Tree
  • FleetLocate by Spireon
  • I.D. Systems (Formerly GE Veriwise)
  • International Telematics
  • Lat-lon
  • Orbcomm
  • Omnitracs Trailer Tracs
  • Skybitz
  • Skybitz Advanced
  • Thermoking