Risk and Safety Module

The Risk and Safety Module is a subscription-based tool designed to decrease risk, increase safety, provide higher predictability, lower costs and heighten profitability.

This module pulls key data from external services and telemetry to collect risk factors such as Fast Breaking, Excess Speed, Citations, Log Hour Violations and Failed Inspections into a single body of information. Internal record keeping is added to track Incidents, Accidents, Cargo Claims, Salvage, Subgration, Litigation and other key details. Includes Shift Schedules, Driver On-time Performance and Advances data. Provides a holistic view of risk and safety factors within the fleet. The information is used to make better and more actionable safety decisions along with devising long-term coaching and education plans.

CSA Web Portal

This service enables you to monitor your company’s CSA safety data from the FMCSA web service within your Trimble Client Center support account. Supports charts and reports that make it convenient to monitor CSA rating changes and to identify mis-reporting that can be challenged or addressed with CSA.

Safety Module

The Safety Module tracks important data about actual safety incidents in your fleet for monitoring frequency and resolution. Generate reports on events such as accidents, spills or contaminations, injuries, incidents, even general accident or driver behavior observations.

Transportation Management

TMWSuite Base

Includes: Order Entry; Dispatch; Billing; Settlements; Auto Rating; File Maintenance; System Admin. plus Fuel Card SmartLink; Mileage SmartLink; Fuel Tax SmartLink; and Accounting SmartLink. The minimum base configuration of TMWSuite software.

TMS Subscription Bundles

Based on decades of experience, modules have been carefully selected by Trimble TMS leaders to create Base and Plus module bundles. Each bundle includes tools to support carrier operations, administration, brokerage and mobile communications. Subscription pricing lowers start-up costs, increases the speed to higher ROI and spreads the cost of ownership over time. Each bundled offering includes managed hosting which covers disaster recovery, system storage in a commercial level data storage facility, upgrades, hardware, system maintenance and support. Prescriptive training is offered to decrease go-live costs and timelines. Video and other training is aligned with bundled offerings.

TMWSuite Tractor Upgrade

Increase the number of trucks that can be managed under your TMWSuite software license.

Additional Users for TMWSuite

If your TMWSuite license is user-based, increase the number of concurrent users for your system.

TMWSuite 3G-TM Integration

This interface for 3G-TM to TMWSuite supports greater efficiency and transportation planning capabilities for logistics service providers.