Dispatch Tools

Dispatch Advisor

Trimble Dispatch Advisor optimizes load matches from directly within TMW.Suite to determine the best matches for fleets, drivers and customers. With improved load matching, fleets are able to streamline day-to-day matching needs and focus on complex planning requirements to reduce empty miles, improve operating ratios and increase load profitability.

Inspection and Hold Module

Designed for automobile haulers, the Inspection feature records information for each vehicle transported to clarify noted damage responsibility. The Hold feature creates definitions that describe orders to be put on Hold; preventing damaged inventory from being dispatched or shipped. Requires TMW Operations and EDI systems support.


ExpertFuel combines high-tech optimization algorithms with trucking-specific routing technology and daily, commercial diesel fuel pricing feeds to bring you unprecedented options to reduce your fuel spend now and to negotiate for even better pricing long term. Hundreds of the best-managed fleets, from 75-truck firms to publicly-held, Top 100 commercial carriers, use ExpertFuel to reduce costs and improve operating ratios.

Match Advice

Integrates with nearly all major dispatch systems to fit easily in to daily load planning operations. We’ll help you fine-tune match recommendations with your own real-world constraints and business rules. Our Netgraf mapping display helps everyone understand a smarter way to plan loads and improve fleet and driver utilization.

IVR (Integrated Voice Response) Module

The Integrated Voice Response module enables phone updates for selected order and load activities to be processed automatically by TMWSuite without manual re-entry of data. By calling into a specially configured interactive phone line, a driver, carrier or customer can be guided through an automated phone menu system with customizable prompts and workflows. Touch-tone number entry supports accurate data capture.

Common applications include gathering inventory levels from filling stations and load arrival and departure information from drivers or carriers. A specialized function, please discuss suitability of this module for your needs with your Trimble salesperson.

LTL Operations Module

The LTL Operations for TMW.Suite module is designed for businesses with varied services, such as TL and LTL capabilities, to manage all your processes in the same dashboard. The module improves visibility into order entry; planning and design for dispatch; cross-dock planning and linehaul dispatch, billing and rating; carrier rating and settlements; customer web quoting; and track and trace abilities as well as terminal operations tools to aid in trailer stripping and door activity management. A specialized function, please discuss suitability of this module for your needs with your Trimble salesperson.

Record Level Security

The Record Level Security add-on for TMWSuite enables you to separate data access to the orders and assets of one division or workgroup in your company from the rest of your business. Flexible security can be specified for companies, drivers, tractors, trailers, carriers, pay-tos, third parties and average fuel price tables, protecting sensitive information and preventing unauthorized changes.

Brokerage / Logistics

DAT 360 Interactive Freight Board Interface

The DAT Solutions Interactive interface connects TMWSuite to the DAT 360 freight matching system. When DAT subscribers are licensed for this premium capability, a real-time data feed of available trucks from the DAT system populates the optional External Equipment tab in the Planning Worksheet. Qualify, match and cover loads more quickly, directly within TMWSuite screens. This is separate from the standard Freight Board Interface for DAT, which only supports the load board posting of loads and trucks. Requires the External Equipment Tab module.

Advanced Carrier Selection

Advanced Carrier Selection (ACS) is a brokerage feature for working with carriers. ACS provides fast carrier rate and pay history reviews, specific guidance on margins when negotiating with carriers and additional functionality to streamline and speed up the brokering process for increased profitability. Within dispatch, view and compare pay and performance data for all carriers that completed loads in the last 90 days. Estimate line haul pay for carriers, based on their assigned rate or pay for previous trips. Estimate the profit potential for a new trip. With the External Equipment tab, view equipment from external load board interfaces, view both your board and non-board carriers and view carrier payment history.

Brokerage Multi-Planning Module

The Multi-Planning module for brokerage adds new elements to the Planning Worksheet to track and manage brokered loads and activities that may be performed by separate staff members. For example, customer service may work with shippers to identify and enter load orders while carrier managers are responsible for covering the load. Managers can monitor business and track execution for brokerage departments, even determining earned commissions. An order can be created, loads posted externally, carriers assigned, commissions reviewed and the order completed, all using the status-based Loads grid within TMWSuite Dispatch.

External Equipment

The External Equipment feature adds another asset-planning tab to the Planning Worksheet in Dispatch. Displays information about carriers, drivers and equipment that are imported or added to TMWSuite from external sources, such as load boards. Commonly used with Advanced Carrier Selection module for brokerage operations. Quickly identify the most promising carriers to contact for covering a load. Use the Advanced Carrier Selection screens to determine profit on the load if a given carrier is selected.

Freight Board Interface

The Freight Board Interface enables you to post available loads and trucks to online freight board services from within Order Entry and Dispatch in TMWSuite. One interface license per supported load board is required.

  • Dat
  • Direct Freight
  • Getloaded
  • Internet Truckstop
  • Post Everywhere
  • Ton Services (Flying J)

Freight Agent License

The Freight Agent add-on to the TMW web portal platform allows you to extend basic Dispatch functions from your TMWSuite system to remote freight agents or brokers. When combined with the Advanced Carrier Selection module, this solution supports an extensive agent network. This is a true web application, designed to help remote agents manage specific customers and/or carriers independently as their own block of business.

Document Management/ Imaging

Cloud Imaging

Trimble Cloud Imaging delivers true cloud flexibility and user-friendly simplicity in a turnkey imaging solution for image capture, retrieval, indexing and rendition invoice printing. A SaaS product giving you the ability to store documents ( pictures, video clips, scanned images, documents, etc) from various 3rd party sources, provide proper index classification of the documents and provide workflow processing of the documents as needed.

Mobile Imaging

Gives you the ability to capture documents and images from the TMWGo! Driver Application with automatic indexing of the documents. Documents to be delivered to customer’s back-end imaging solution with corresponding index data.

Trimble Imaging

Trimble Imaging is a robust document management system that is closely integrated with TMWSuite. It includes automation for common billing and settlements tasks, with a workflow engine for advanced document routing and approvals. Trimble Imaging also includes support for annotation, OCR with full text search, inbound and outbound faxing and interfacing to Dynamics GP Payables.

Trimble Imaging Smartlink Bar Coding

The Barcode Recognition SmartLink for Trimble Imaging enables simple, reliable barcode recognition with workstation scanners, email import and MFDs. Barcodes can contain any identification reference used in TMWSuite to speed the accurate classification of scanned documents to orders or other transactions.

Trimble Imaging Smartlink Alerts/ Compliance

The Alerts/Compliance module for Trimble Imaging automates management of driver and carrier document compliance. Offers reports on missing and soon-to-expire documents. Can automatically push document-based expirations to TMWSuite to prevent dispatch using resources not currently in compliance.

Trimble Imaging Smartlink Email

The Email Import SmartLink enables Trimble Imaging to retrieve documents from an unlimited number of POP3-accessible email accounts. Attachments in PDF, TIFF, DOC and DOCX file formats are all imported automatically. Information from file attachment names and the email Subject line can be used to automate document classification. The body of an email message can also be converted to a document for storage.

3rd Party Imaging Interface

This Imaging SmartLink interfaces TMWSuite data and some functions with an imaging or document management system for billing and settlement efficiencies. Specific functions and features may vary between providers.

  • EBE
  • Flying J
  • Microdea
  • Paperwise
  • Pegasus
  • TMI
  • Trippak