Accounting Interface

The Accounting Interface is the means to transfer billing and settlements data – including payroll and accounts payable transactions – to separate accounting or financial software from Invoicing and Settlements. The accounting software you use will determine whether data can be exported directly to your software or is instead exported to a file that your accounting system can import. Either way, it's accounting streamlined and flexible enough to manage the needs of your fleet or service center. Optional exports include:

  • Dynamics 365 products
  • Sage products
  • Netsuite
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Quickbooks
  • Generic Accounting Exports

Accounting Interface Platinum for Windows (Pervasive)

  • Quickbooks
  • SAP

Billing/ Financing


Trimble has an integration with Microsoft Great Plains payroll. Exports to other payroll systems (like ADP, for example) are performed via a file extract from TMWSuite and TMW.Suite.

Ticket Order Entry

The Ticket Order Entry module simplifies the entry of standard, daily, short-haul runs in TMWSuite after-the-fact for billing and settlement purposes. Suitable for aggregate or other bulk hauling operations. Define a master order and a total quantity to haul and each shipment ticket is processed until the master order is complete. A specialized function, please discuss suitability of this module for your needs with your Trimble salesperson.

Interactive Fuel Card SmartLink

Interface with financial card services, such as fuel cards, that support advanced data interaction with TMWSuite. This module enables you to block, unblock, or reassign fuel cards; set purchase limits and purchase type restrictions; permit one-time purchases and set up PIN numbers. The interactive interface eliminates the need to perform batch fuel transaction downloads. Detailed functionality may differ with each card provider. Ask your Trimble salesperson for general interface capabilities with your chosen card provider.

Trimble has web service-based integrations with:

  • Comdata
  • EFS
  • QuikQ

Dedicated Billing Module

For carriers that provide dedicated transportation services, the Dedicated Billing module allows you to create customized, consolidated invoices for dedicated customers. Invoices can be generated according to various pre-determined billing schedules and can combine together individual freight invoices, complex recurring and variable charges at aggregate rates. A specialized function, please talk with your Trimble salesperson about the suitability of this module for your operations.

Money Codes SmartLink

Add-on feature for certain Fuel Card interfaces. Import a set of authorization codes for driver or carrier cash advances provided through fuel cards. Features and functions may vary by service provider.

  • Comdata
  • EFS

Comdata MOTRS

An add-on payments feature for use with Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system and Direct Deposit. Sends the direct deposit information to a Comdata financial card.

3rd Party Pay

The 3rd Party Pay module manages direct trip pay to individuals not directly involved in carrying the load for a trip, such as sales representatives, finders, freight agents, yard workers and lumpers. Record these third parties on orders, use Rate Schedules to set up their pay rates, auto-calculate pay from within Order Entry, Dispatch, Invoicing and Settlements, set up and apply deductions and prepare settlements.

Intercompany Order Transfer

For diversified business operations that operate somewhat independently but use TMWSuite under a corporate or enterprise setup, as divisions or with a multi-company database. This module enables one company to quickly and easily post or transfer a load to another company within the corporate umbrella. Automatically creates the order in the other company’s TMWSuite system with receivables to the posting company and payables to the executing resources. Maintains the original order with receivables to the customer and payables to the executing company. A specialized function, please discuss suitability of this module for your needs with your Trimble salesperson.

Multi Instance Licensing

The multi-company database module supports the use of separate TMWSuite databases under a single enterprise software license.

Fuel Export (Tax) SmartLink

Interface prepares data for export from TMWSuite for use in a fuel tax reporting program. Data is formatted as a flat file that contains all of the trip information for a specified tax period, as well as all fuel purchases made during that period--if optional Fuel Card or Interactive Fuel Card interfaces are also in use with TMWSuite for purchase data import. The number and type of export files created is determined by the fuel tax service used. Contact your Trimble sales representative for details about the fuel tax service you have selected.

  • EFS
  • Flying J
  • Inter-Tax
  • JJ Keller
  • OTS
  • Promiles
  • T-Chek
  • Vusion

Fuel Export (Tax) SmartLink TMW Fuel & Mileage Report

The module provides a state mileage and fuel purchase summary report for a given tax period. It includes the data elements required to calculate and process quarterly fuel tax reporting manually.

Fuel Mileage Interface

  • Promiles
  • Rand McNally

Advances/Fuel Purchases Import Interface

The interface connects data from fuel card and financial card service providers to your TMWSuite system for tracking. Can import advances to company drivers and owner/operators and data on fuel purchases made by them. Data and features may vary by service provider. A separate interface license is required for each distinct fuel card or financial service in use.

TMWSuite Fuel Cards:

  • AFC
  • Associate Petroleum
  • Auto-Stik Jr
  • Bulk
  • CFN
  • Comdata EFS
  • EFS10
  • Esso
  • Fleet One
  • FTS
  • Fuel Rite
  • Fuelman
  • Gasboy
  • Husky
  • Imperial Oil
  • Irving Oil
  • Jubitz
  • Love’s
  • Multi Force
  • Multiservice
  • Penske
  • Petro Superpass
  • Petrocanada
  • Petrovend
  • Pilot
  • QuikA
  • Shell
  • Syntech
  • T-Check
  • T-Check Imperial
  • TMW Common
  • Transplatinum
  • Truck Stops Of America
  • Ultramar
  • Wright