Whoever you are in the supply chain, TMW.Suite has solutions for you.


TMW.Suite efficiently manages order entry, load planning and tracking, customer service, driver management and dispatch. And it does it all through real-time decision-making solutions and critical planning tools. It organizes and integrates all of your company’s information, including location data, statuses, ETAs, load details, and driver and equipment information, to help you operate efficiently and effectively.


Leading brokers and dedicated logistics businesses rely on TMW.Suite to cover more loads in less time with solutions built for the brokerage and 3PL market. It gives you powerful tools that include planning, rating and tendering, track-and-trace, carrier settlements and more.

Carrier Selection

Carriers, brokers, 3PLs and blended transportation enterprises can quickly and accurately model customer and carrier rate contracts across all modes in addition to minimizing the complexity of planning, executing and managing shipments. Enhanced Rating and Advanced Load Planning are each built to serve different needs in their own ways.

  • Enhanced Rating for truckload, LTL and parcel shipments enables users to calculate actual costs in advance for carrier/service selection. This powerful tool helps brokers, 3PLs and other users more easily plan executable loads, reduce freight expense and manage complex carrier and customer contracts.

  • Advanced Load Planning is built around a comprehensive set of algorithms designed to minimize transportation spend and dramatically enhance service levels. Users can factor in all modes and carriers as well as multi-stops and pool distributions in building optimal, executable loads based on savings, real-time constraints, parameters and routing guides.

Fuel Dispatch

TMW.Suite Fuel Dispatch brings tanker fleets and petroleum jobbers the heightened situational awareness needed to provide superior service and value to today’s fuel retailers. The Fuel Dispatch module enables you to automate even the most complex business processes and eliminate costly, error-prone manual data entry. Complete systems integration connects carriers with ordering parties and consignees, and connects delivery planning teams with tank level monitoring, consumption forecasts and rack pricing.

See the most critical sites in one glance. Dispatch Dashboards Tanks Grid is sorted by the #1 tank to hit the Critical Level for the product first. Dispatchers can check the Available Loads Grid to determine is a load has been dispatched.

Curated base and plus bundles, which include key modules and cloud hosting, are now available via subscription. Each is designed by taking into account industry best practices. Explore the bundle that is the right fit for your oil and gas business needs.

Fuel Dispatch Subscription Bundles

Explore key cost savings through bundled pricing and manageable monthly payments, a good fit for oil and gas business needs. Energy BASE and Energy PLUS bundles, which include key modules and cloud hosting, are now available via subscription. Each is designed to take into account industry best practices to limit IT expenses while ensuring greater uptime and availability.

Titan Cloud Integration for Fuel Retailers

TMW.Suite Fuel Dispatch is now integrated with Titan Cloud Software, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and compliance platform for thousands of retail locations across the U.S., for access to Titan’s high-frequency fuel inventory and alarm data coupled with remote automatic tank gauge (ATG) management tools and advanced wetstock solutions to maximize tank uptime.

Administrative Tools

Accurate, efficient and cost-effective administrative tools are the backbone of any successful transportation business. TMW.Suite integrates complex functions into a single, highly streamlined ecosystem that enables your team to gain control over financial processing. Your team can eliminate hours of manual data entry, and the potential errors associated with re-keying information. Above all, you can improve your cash cycle and grow your business without adding staff.

With TMW.Suite, you gain greater value with high efficiency through automated processing.