Put the data to work for you, and watch efficiency soar.

Business Intelligence

TMW Reveal™ Series

Our Reveal Series, developed exclusively by and for transportation industry professionals, is a powerful set of decision-making tools. The series includes Data Warehouse and Visual Analytics Dashboards along with ETL capabilities and database optimization, which empower your business to leverage data sourced from multiple systems within your business as well as other industry organizations.

With these solutions you can:

  • Generate actionable intelligence across all business operations
  • Adapt strategies, systems and services to a changing market
  • Benchmark business performance against industry peers

Take data implementation typically measured in years, and gain insight into your operation in weeks.

TMW Engage.Bid™

This is a web-based application that simplifies the conversion and analysis of often-complicated shipper RFP documents. You can then apply critical pricing intelligence to quickly assess each opportunity and develop bids that are consistent with your business's competitive strategies and cost structures.

Business Intelligence tools powered by Microsoft Power BI

Power BI works for you by heightening the ability to visualize your data and make fast, informed decisions. Identify why an event happened, slice and dice, create charts or data grids. Trend your actual costs over time. With the new Power BI tools, you can build reports, detect errors and use diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics to conduct root-cause analyses, streamline costs and gain greater profitability.

Place guideposts in one location to price multi-lane bids quickly and efficiently. View critical

data points by lane/equipment; historical rate data by lane; revenue/margin calculations and much more.

Driver Retention Analytics

We don't need to tell you that driver turnover remains among the highest and most costly barriers to effective transportation. With two core components and algorithms designed based on real-world experience, Driver Analytics is focused on ways you can limit driver turnover. Beginning with a scoring system, it identifies not only the drivers most likely to voluntarily leave a carrier in the next 28 days, but also why they are at risk; providing you the time needed to act and avoid a departure. Going one step further, the system is connected to a remediation platform in TMW.Suite that provides coaching opportunities to empower you with the knowledge you need to act on and prevent driver departure.