Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Automated Fuel Tax

Eliminate the headaches of IFTA reporting with our full-service fuel tax solution. By leveraging an automated fuel tax service, you can improve reporting accuracy, eliminate paperwork, gain visibility into fuel theft and reduce your fleet’s risk in the event of an audit.

eDriver Logs® ELD

Not all electronic logging device (ELD) providers are created equal. Trimble has nearly 20 years’ experience with electronic logging and our fully-compliant solution gives you real time access to the information you need to minimize exposure and pinpoint violations before they happen. Our user-friendly interface also allows drivers to maximize productivity and focus on driving, not Hours of Service.


Make the pain of paper a thing of the past with our end-to-end electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (eDVIR). With integrations into your maintenance systems and customizable defect lists, you can provide your drivers, mechanics and back-office personnel with enhanced visibility into defects to increase vehicle uptime and maximize productivity.

Log Auditing

Go beyond the traditional log reporting to enhance your ability to manage hours of service compliance. Trimble’s comprehensive solution can integrate your pre and post-trip inspection data, fuel stops, loading and unloading time to streamline log administrative tasks and provide actionable information on violation trends within your fleet. The solution also automatically audits your drivers’ Line 4 time, providing you with actionable information to coach drivers and proactively address issues before they show up on an audit.

Improve Fleet and Driver Safety

Fatigue Monitoring

Mitigate risk with an unobtrusive fatigue monitoring powered by Pulsar Informatics. Built on technology developed by NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense, Trimble’s Fatigue Monitoring uses drivers’ HOS information to provide fatigue estimates to help you proactively address fatigue risk before it negatively impacts your fleet’s performance and safety.

Onboard Event Recording

Through Trimble’s Onboard Event Recording® (OER), you can proactively manage behavior as well as provide past event reconstruction. Triggered by the driver, ECM or third party collision avoidance and lane departure systems, Onboard Event Recording captures 60 seconds of engine and location data around an event, allowing you to monitor driver habits, alter behavior, take corrective action and potentially prevent accidents.

Safety Analytics

Identify and mitigate risk with Trimble’s Safety Analytics™ dashboard. With integrations to CSA score providers and directly tied to the breadth of information provided by our system, the Safety Analytics dashboard breaks that data down into easy-to-understand and usable information – allowing you to highlight driving patterns in need of coaching and take the complexity out of managing your drivers.

Speed Monitoring

Ensure changes in vehicle speed do not impact your fleet’s safety or performance. With real-time notifications based on posted speeds along a route, you can measure over-speeding events as well as access comprehensive reports to monitor trends across your driver base. Your drivers stay informed, too, with audible alerts in the cab if they exceed posted speed limits.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Trimble’s fleet mobility platform integrates with several tire pressure monitoring solutions, providing wireless, electronic, tire pressure monitoring that lets you monitor and display tire pressures—on demand, whether moving or stationary. This means you can optimize vehicle performance efficiency across your entire fleet through improved fuel consumption, increased tire life and safer routes.

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Trimble’s Fleet & Asset Trackers provide GPS visibility, event monitoring, and remote asset data on a near-global basis. Ideal for low volume messaging with mission critical data, that provides you with the most cost-effective solutions available for both fixed and mobile applications such as intermodal shipping containers, trailers, buoys and barges.

Ready to improve driver safety?

Video Intelligence

Trimble Video Intelligence™ works as a neutral eyewitness, protecting your drivers and your bottom line in an increasingly litigious world. Beyond driver exoneration, Video Intelligence is also an invaluable coaching tool allowing you to focus on behaviors in-need of improvement. Your fleet becomes safer and more efficient with every new training opportunity and by mitigating hard braking, speeding and other actions you can see cost-savings in fuel efficiency and the overall health of your fleet.

Optimize Your Journey

In-Cab Navigation

With CoPilot® Truck, by Trimble MAPS, the concept of “lost” is eliminated permanently. Voice-guided GPS navigation, along with industry-standard PC*MILER truck-specific routing helps drivers go from dock-to-dock faster, and from mile-to-mile safely and more efficiently. Built specifically for commercial trucking, CoPilot helps your drivers stay safe and avoid things like truck-prohibited routes and low bridge strikes. And with seamless synergy between back office and cab, everyone is always on the same page.

Automated Workflow

Take the paperwork, errors and guesswork out of your fleet. With Trimble’s Automated Workflow, you can streamline your drivers’ activities, receiving a notification when drivers approach a destination, when they arrive at their destination and when they depart, all at your fingertips. This highly-configurable platform can integrate with your transportation management system (TMS) and be customized to your specific activities or customer sites, helping you to better manage your fleet and provide timely updates to your customers.

Weigh Station Bypass

Bypass the time, money and driver headaches of weigh station stops with Drivewyze. This platform provides more weigh station bypass sites than any other provider, helping you maximize ROI through time and fuel cost savings. What’s more, this transponderless solution means no additional in-cab devices and a more reliable connection to weigh stations to keep your drivers on the road.

Your entire fleet at your fingertips.

Trimble Fleet Manager

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