Fleet Mobility Solutions That Improve All Aspects of Your Operations.

Trimble’s fleet mobility solutions are designed to improve every part of your business operations, empowering individuals throughout your organization to leverage technology that makes their jobs easier and keeps your fleet moving forward.


Wherever the road takes them, it is critical to ensure your drivers have access to the tools they need to be safe, productive and compliant. Trimble solutions help drivers throughout their daily workflows, both in the cab and out of it.

Fleet Managers

The complexities of your fleet make managing a wide range of drivers and assets no small task. With Trimble fleet mobility technology, you can get access to the information you need right at your fingertips, helping you to not only see where your drivers and vehicles are but empowering you to better utilize your personnel and equipment. Spot key trends in real time, allowing you to maximize your fleet’s performance to reduce out-of-route miles, eliminate empty loads and make the most of your drivers’ available hours.

Safety Personnel

In a time of new regulations, rising insurance costs and an increased accident-related litigation, helping ensure your drivers and vehicles operate safely is more important than ever. Trimble’s solutions give you visibility and actionable data, both at an individual and fleet-wide level, to help you ensure regulatory compliance and pinpoint opportunities to improve safety throughout your driver base.


From industry-specific factors like fluctuations in freight rates to broader economic trends, there are a lot of outside influences on your fleet’s bottom line. While some of these areas are out of your control, Trimble solutions can help you uncover opportunities to improve efficiencies and lower costs within your business. Utilize our platform to increase driver and vehicle performance, reduce fuel costs and out-of-route miles and improve driver retention—all adding up to a faster ROI for your fleet mobility technology.


Whether you have a robust IT team or just a staff of a few people, Trimble’s fleet mobility solutions can be easily implemented and managed in your fleet. Our in-cab solutions are built on the Android™ operating system, giving you the opportunity to use a widely-accepted platform to deploy the apps and devices that fit your fleet’s needs. What’s more, Trimble integrates with dozens of other technology providers, enabling you to connect driver and vehicle data into your back office systems, streamlining the flow of information across your fleet faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Trimble fleet mobility solutions?