Trimble’s fleet mobility solutions are not standalone products - they comprise a scalable platform that spans all parts of a fleet’s operations. This holistic approach enables you to implement the right technology for your business needs, backed by a robust infrastructure that can empower you to:

Leverage the Power of Data & Analytics

Configurable Driver and Vehicle Reporting

Trimble’s real-time driver and vehicle performance data can help you better manage operating costs and run your fleet more effectively. Keep track of your performance—from the entire fleet down to an individual driver or truck—with data on speed, RPM, idle time and fuel efficiency through real-time alarms or fully-customizable data downloads to meet your specific needs.

Driver Utilization Analytics

Robust benchmarking shows you how efficiently your drivers are operating, so you can make informed adjustments and get the most productivity from every hour on the job. See driver performance across your terminal or fleet against group averages and defined goals—to optimize the efficiency of your operations, drivers and assets.

Fuel Use and MPG Reporting

Our in-cab solutions integrate with Vnomics True Fuel®, which minimizes fuel spend by focusing on improved driver behavior. Using real-time in-cab driver coaching, automated reporting and a simple performance metric, True Fuel® is proven to reduce fuel spend by 3-10%

Fault Code Monitoring

Gain real-time views into your fleet’s health to reduce vehicle downtime through reporting and alerting of fault codes. Our Fault Code Monitoring solution provides visibility to and interpretation of the ECM data. Receive customized fault reporting down to the truck level, filterable by time and type of alert, to spot trends and help you determine the right course of action.

Fuel Theft Detection

Combine fuel purchase information, tank level data and MPG analytics to help identify discrepancies across your driver base, reducing fuel theft occurrences and optimizing fuel costs across your fleet.

Fault Intelligence

Take a proactive approach to your fleet maintenance with Fault Intelligence™, which provides comprehensive, real-time vehicle health and safety information and fault guidance. Get access to actionable information to maintain productivity by preventing unscheduled service events through early detection and real-time triage to shorten the overall repair process and maximize vehicle uptime.

Through Fault Intelligence, you can realize:

  • Increased Uptime
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Vehicle Safety & Compliance

Increase Driver Mobility


Bring daily work directly to a driver’s mobile device with Trimble’s ConnectedDriver™ app. Available on both Android and iOS devices, ConnectedDriver allows drivers to stay connected to pertinent trip and route details, even when away from the truck. The app also allows for easy display of HOS information to help streamline the roadside inspection process.

Trimble App Manager

The Trimble App Manager (TAM) is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform that allows administrators to remotely configure in-cab devices. Fleets are able to provide drivers with access to Android applications within a controlled environment and to ensure they have everything they need to perform their daily workflows.

Media Manager and Driver Media

Communicate with drivers via audio, video and other media file types – all from a single location. Media Manager gives fleets control of who has access to view files as well as provides notifications when a driver has viewed or acknowledged the media sent to them. Driver Media provides drivers with an easy to use interface that allows them to quickly find and interact with their company’s media.

In-Cab Scanning

Improve document management and reduce paperwork with Trimble’s in-cab scanning solution. Powered by Vector, you can geotag documents and store scanned images, even if your driver does not have wireless network connectivity. The platform can also integrate to your back office systems, providing high-quality scans of important documents to streamline billing and improve customer service.


Back and forth communication between you and your drivers is the cornerstone of your operation. Trimble’s platform provides you and your drivers with a reliable, flexible and affordable messaging platform to help streamline communication between your fleet and key back office personnel.

Are you ready to transform your fleet's mobility?