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Here is your chance to connect with shippers who matter to your business. Introducing Community Load Match from Kuebix, a Trimble Company. Community Load Match brings you new opportunities for spot and contract business and helps you build direct relationships with new shipping customers. With a specially designed algorithm, being in the community puts your business name and reputation front-and-center to the right shippers, in the right lanes at the right times.

By participating in Community Load Match, your company becomes well-positioned to compete for loads in real-time and generate more revenue. It’s how efficient, effective and moneymaking business transactions take place in the new decade.

"Shippers in Community Load Match are able to match their needs up with what we offer, creating an entry point for us. From there, we’ve been able to provide short-term solutions that evolve into long-term partnerships.”

James Brewer Sales Logistics Executive, Challenger


How Community Load Match Works

Connect Directly with Shippers

Onboarding new customers is quick and easy once you become a Community Carrier. In minutes, shippers can add your carrier rate agreement to their Kuebix account for contract and spot opportunities. This enables the entire booking process to take place in the cloud in real-time for easy information tracking and updates.

Receive Load Tenders

As a Community Carrier, you will receive load tenders via email or integration to your TMS. Simply log in to view new activity and accept tenders digitally. For more advanced capabilities, Kuebix can also connect directly to your ERP system.

Improve Customer Service

Deliver the tech-enabled customer experience that today’s customers demand, including real-time information and visibility, by becoming a Kuebix Community Carrier.

Reduce Deadhead Miles


What is Community Load Match?

Simply put, Community Load Match pairs shipment requirements with available assets.

The beauty of this proven platform from Kuebix, a Trimble Company, is that it brings together carriers of all sizes with more than 25,000 shippers to move freight.

What are the benefits for me when I sign up for free?

Your benefits are immediate and money-saving. You’ll realize the ability to:

  • Work directly with shippers
  • Expand horizons, see more opportunities
  • Choose preferred lanes
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Manage accounts effectively including billing directly

We know what lanes work for our company, why would we participate?

There is strength in numbers. Community Load Match unlocks the ability to designate the preferred lanes you want to run. Conversely, shippers identify the best carriers and rates for their truckload shipments in those same lanes. The platform’s advanced matching capabilities are taking the marketplace to a new level. Integrations are available that enable a carrier to receive load tenders and view status updates all within its TMS.

Any fleet size requirement?

None. We meet you where you are right now. Community Load Match works with and for companies throughout North America with hundreds of trucks or fewer. Running a small business under 20 trucks? No problem. There are potential matches of freight for any size carrier.

What’s the fee to be a part of Community Load Match?

We invite you to sign up free of charge today.


Join the Network

Kuebix’s agnostic platform is built for everyone in the logistics supply chain. Whether you’re a shipper, carrier, broker, 3PL or digital freight marketplace, there’s a place for you in Kuebix’s dynamic community. Kuebix has built unique integrations with many freight platforms including carrier TMSs and digital freight marketplaces like Convoy and Loadsmart. At the core of Kuebix’s mission is the belief that the bigger and more connected the network, the more benefits everyone can gain. By bringing core products together and expanding connection throughout the supply chain, a truly Connected Supply Chain is created. This concept results in improved efficiencies and better opportunities as the network continues to grow. By joining this network, you position yourself to compete in a challenging economic environment and to continue to grow your business.

Become a Kuebix Community Carrier

Carriers join our network to expose their capacity to prospective shippers. When you sign up, you become a Kuebix Community Carrier. As such, your available assets are automatically placed in front of shippers actively sourcing spot and contract rates.

You increase your ability to find new customers at a low acquisition cost and build lasting relationships with new clients. Kuebix acts as a transparent platform for carriers and shippers to connect so efficiencies and new opportunities can be found by everyone, it’s a win-win!

Your entire team experiences greater efficiencies:

  • Sales - Identify new customers and build new direct relationships with shippers simply by becoming a Community Carrier.
  • Logistics/Operations - Eliminate empty miles with new opportunities to reduce waste and increase revenue.
  • Accounts Receivable - Receive payments from shippers through direct, preferred methods.

Sign Up Today for Free

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About Kuebix

Kuebix provides a transportation management system (TMS) that powers one of North America’s largest shipping communities. Kuebix is transforming the transportation industry with a common TMS platform for shippers, carriers and intermediaries to enable new levels of visibility and efficiency for the entire market. By connecting all logistics stakeholders on a single platform, shippers gain access to available capacity and competitive pricing, while brokers and carriers increase their business and gain superior asset utilization. Kuebix is a modular solution designed to scale to meet the needs of supply chains of every size and level of complexity. Built on multi-tenant cloud technology, Kuebix’s connected platform enables customers to simplify ERP and other integrations to drive rapid onboarding and ROI.