Speed, power and control, all in one package.

Operating a successful trucking company requires precise control of thousands of details: from order entry, to load planning and matching, to check call tracking, to accounts payable and receivable, to asset maintenance. The list virtually never ends.

It depends on clearly defined business processes that maximize speed and efficiency. It demands deep, real-time visibility into every area of the business to uncover opportunities to increase revenue, boost customer satisfaction, improve driver loyalty and strengthen bottom-line performance.

Above all, success means a transportation management software that keeps up with your pace of business.

Speed, power and control. For many of the industry’s most profitable truckload carriers, there’s only one technology that delivers all – a truly comprehensive order-to-cash solution combining world-class operations capabilities with fully integrated accounting and other back-office tools.

That solution is Innovative IES from Trimble. A powerhouse business growth platform that can accelerate the success of any truckload carrier, whether it’s operating 20 assets or 20,000.

Grow Anywhere: On-Premise. In the Cloud.

For more than 20 years, carriers have been able to operate their Innovative software either on-premise or through true, multi-tenant SaaS implementation offering exceptional speed and availability.

Innovative Access® and Innovative Access Plus® subscription solutions for truckload operations deliver a broad range of highly intuitive, user-friendly features designed to help carriers operate at peak efficiency. Innovative Access and Access Plus are fully managed by Trimble experts using dedicated servers housed in highly secure, geographically disperse data centers.

Fueled By the Power of IBM i.

Global banking and finance companies run on IBM i technology. So do Las Vegas casinos, top-tier manufacturers and many of the world’s largest health care providers. Why? Because their success depends on bulletproof availability, exceptional resistance to malware and other threats, and the ability to quickly process huge volumes of data.

Innovative IES uses IBM i technology for all the same reasons. Plus, we’ve combined these advantages with a modern, highly intuitive web interface that’s fast and easy to learn and use.

Imagine the power and protection of an Abrams tank combined with the speed and agility of a high-end sports car. That’s the experience you can count on with Innovative IES.

back of a silver semi truck

One Solution: From Order Entry to Settlements

Mastering complexity is what every trucking company strives to accomplish each day. That’s why leading truckload carriers choose Innovative IES. This singular powerful solution simplifies the management of every business area. Every order. Every asset and every driver.

Rather than struggle to integrate multiple, discrete solutions – adding unwanted cost and complexity – the most profitable carriers, large and small, rely on Innovative to handle Operations, Administration, Safety, Recruiting and much more.

Kuebix Community Load Match

A connected supply chain promotes your business success. With Community Load Match from Kuebix, a Trimble Company, carriers and brokers can establish new, direct customer relationships from within the Kuebix community of 20,000+ shippers. Community Load Match matches shipment requirements with available assets, and it allows carriers to designate preferred lanes they are looking to fill. Conversely, shippers identify the optimal carriers and rates for truckload shipments. Its advanced matching capabilities are unmatched in the marketplace. Tender loads, accept/reject and view status updates within your TMS, all via EDI. Further, Load Match Group offers rate assessments to optimize logistics operations and to source new capacity. It’s a win-win.

Are you ready to accelerate your operation's success?