Operate at the highest level.

Operational excellence is a defining characteristic of successful truckload carriers. Innovative IES enables you to maintain consistent, granular control at every step of the transportation lifecycle. The results are exceptional customer service, equipment utilization, driver satisfaction and business profitability.

Dispatch Advisor

Trimble Transportation offers an automated, optimized solution through Innovative IES, Innovative Access or Innovative Access Plus. Trimble Dispatch Advisor identifies and allows load planners to select the best match, the first time for every load tendered. The matches are made using multiple variables including but not limited to location, remaining driver HOS and delivery time frames. In a matter of minutes, Trimble Dispatch Advisor saves your fleet time and money by helping your load planners and dispatchers to streamline common loads and concentrate on exceptions.

Additional capabilities problem-solve to:

  • Increase speed-to-skill for new load planners
  • Heighten driver utilization and retention
  • Reduce OOR and empty miles
  • Limit dwell time
  • Improve on-time delivery and customer service
  • Decrease time and money lost to manual processes and errors

The Operations Control System

Innovative's core engine drives every area of the Operations department. Its logical workflows and highly intuitive screen views improve user speed and accuracy while capturing and managing data that can be used in other business-critical activities. Billing, payroll, settlements and fuel tax management (among others) all immediately see the benefits.

The Operations Control System covers three broad functional areas:

Customer Service

  • Rate quotes
  • Order tracking
  • Planning
  • Appointment management
  • Service alerts


  • Load, equipment and driver management
  • Driver communication
  • Load tracking
  • Check calls


  • Order analysis
  • Equipment utilization
  • Customer performance
  • Driver activity

Innovative includes an array of additional, exclusive Operations features that help you earn more with every order:

Flexible Dashboard

Experience the Flexible Dashboard. It provides flexible, customizable, user-friendly management of operations screens to centralize key components for check calls, available loads, available units and other key screens into the order you need to run your business effectively. In addition, you can add reports, maps and graphs, as needed.

Lane Scheduler

Streamlines scheduling and order management for dedicated contracts, and speeds up entry of multiple orders using traffic lane information.

License & Permits

Handles critical compliance functions both by unit and individual states/provinces.

Mileage Interfaces

Saves time and helps ensure trip planning accuracy by integrating mileage data from TrimbleĀ® Maps PC*MilerĀ® and Rand McNally.

Network Management

Monitors order and truck counts by user-defined zones, regions and areas to optimize decision making regarding load solicitation, turndowns, carryovers, layovers, equipment repositioning and out-of-route pickups.

PM Scheduling

Improves equipment uptime by monitoring preventive maintenance schedules for trucks, trailers, reefer units and other assets.

Optimization Tools:


ExpertFuel automates the development of comprehensive, money-saving fuel purchase and route plans. Leading carriers use this tool to quickly evaluate and analyze current fuel prices, tank levels, vehicle fuel consumption, state tax and fuel discount implications, out-of-route miles, routing and terminal policies, tank fill policies and driver amenities at available fuel stops, resulting in easy-to-follow, stop-by-stop fuel plans that help save money mile after mile.


TripAlert for Innovative monitors driver-load assignments in real time against the approved and dispatched routes. Users can easily identify out-of-route problems as they arise and alert dispatch to projected late loads and HOS implications. The tool even provides guidance for swapping loads with nearby drivers in cases when those loads are in jeopardy of being late. The results are improved on-time delivery performance and increased equipment utilization and driver productivity.


The Netwise freight network optimization solution provides a proven framework for setting and monitoring critical business benchmarks to drive continuous improvement in operating ratio. Historical transaction modeling provides deep visibility into network contribution, margin and efficiency of existing lanes and customers. Additional capabilities include yield calculation, pricing simulations, network balance optimization, scoreboards, dedicated scheduled and continuous moves, and activity-based costing.