Back-office excellence for your business

With its fully integrated accounting, Innovative is a true order-to-cash solution that enables you to book orders, pay invoices and drivers, bill customers and much more – all within one powerful, highly intuitive tool. In addition, information entered through the Operations, Safety and other modules can automatically feed Innovative’s back-office tools. In an instant you can dramatically increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy of virtually every administrative process.

Core Administration features include:

  • Financials
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Agent and operator settlements
  • Payroll
  • Computerized Rating and Billing
  • Fuel Surcharge calculation
  • Fuel Tax management
  • QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP compatibility
  • Integration with third-party payroll providers

Risk Management & Safety

People, equipment and freight are constantly at risk in this industry. The IES Risk Management module provides fully integrated, proactive risk management capabilities aligned with the demands of your business. Innovative’s integrated Safety tools record all relevant information related to accidents and incidents, including: involved company equipment, drivers or contractors, cargo, witnesses, and claimant vehicles, property and injuries. The system provides timesaving checklists and recommendations triggered by specific types of events.

Users can pull information (including driver, unit, shipper, and load data) directly into cargo and Workers’ Compensation claims. This saves time and effort while minimizing the risk of data entry error. Robust dashboard capabilities – with drill down functionality – allows your managers to view all claims data from one screen while retaining the ability to perform work in a personal queue.

Key features of the Safety module include:

Automated Reports

  • Average Time of Accident to Report
  • Driver Safety History
  • Accident/Incident Review
  • Accidents/Incidents for Employment Length
  • DOT Accident/Incident Register
  • Accident/Incident Frequency
  • DOT and Terminal Inspection Reports

Catastrophe Tracking & Grouping

  • Option to group claims from a common event

Driver Performance Tracking

  • Track violations, points and other driver information entered through multiple programs

Random Name Generation

  • Creates random pool of active drivers for drug testing

Internal Interfaces

  • Seamless integration with Workers’ Compensation, Cargo Claims, Administration and Risk Management modules

Market Insights

Market Insights is a powerful tool that helps carriers establish competitive, profitable, fact-based pricing. This exclusive solution uses the latest aggregated rate information from a broad panel of truckload carriers to help users benchmark their businesses through easy-to-understand reports covering market pricing, pricing simulations, yield calculations, historical analyses and more. With Market Insights you can finally eliminate the guesswork from one of your most critical business processes.

Microsoft Power BI

Increasing your competitive edge requires accurate, timely data presented in a way that promotes fast, informed action. Power BI enables Innovative users to visualize their data for a greater understanding of existing and emerging opportunities. Easily build and share reports that foster highly strategic decision-making at every level of your operation. Use diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics to conduct root-cause analysis, reduce costs and improve profitability.


Trimble Visibility provides shippers and carriers 360-degree visibility of their shipments. Innovative users can customize views and utilize robust filter and search capabilities to identify what is moving on every order, every stop and every shipment. Advanced technology such as Trimble’s Trust Center works with Trimble Visibility and other visibility providers to control what data is shared with specific contacts at each provider and shipper.