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Truckload carriers using the Innovative IES, Innovative Access and Innovative Access Plus solutions can choose from an ever-growing portfolio of powerful add-on modules to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction and driver loyalty.

A few of these popular business-building solutions include:


Working in conjunction with the Computerized Rating module, IES AccuRate enables you to utilize pick and drop locations and roundtrip rates – including those with tiered, multiple stop-off rates. Rates can be stored for each customer based on any combination of ZIP to ZIP, city to city, state to state, and customer to customer. Advanced capabilities include: accessorials; extra linehaul amounts; fuel surcharge overrides; Hazmat charges; mileage overrides; activity surge charges; expiration dates; user-defined comments on freight bill; authorization requirement; user permissions; and computerized rate inquiry.

Agriculture Zone Billing

Agricultural co-ops and similar businesses face the challenge of efficiently transporting products from thousands of farms to regional processing plants. The Agriculture Zone Billing module is a 3PL solution offering a flexible zone-based pricing model to automate rating and settlement for these high-volume, repetitive routes. The solution allows you to assign farms and other pickup locations to specific zones featuring custom rates based on mileage, weight and other factors. Easily process rate exceptions and calculate and apply fuel surcharges to specific orders.


Innovative Brokerage expands on the capabilities of Innovative’s core Logistics Management module with comprehensive order management, rate confirmation AFP and carrier management tools. This modern, highly intuitive solution presents all key information regarding your brokerage business in a single screen. You can easily monitor and drill down into orders in progress, loads under dispatch, completed orders, available carriers/equipment, billing status and more. The module also includes several CRM features that enhance carrier relationships and accelerate onboarding.

Extended Pay

IES Extended Pay helps boost driver satisfaction and operational efficiency by adding new pay choices and automating a variety of payroll and settlement processes. This tool enables you to offer 'miles-driven' pay options, rapid one-time payments to owners or drivers without a full payroll/ settlements run, and automated pay rate updates based on months of service. These new capabilities can help increase driver retention, simplify payroll and settlement processing and reduce operating costs.


The IES FlexFuel module works with a variety of popular fuel card providers to process fuel and offer drivers easy access to payroll, settlements and advances. This information is recorded in Innovative’s Operations, Accounts Payable, Trips Processing and Fuel Tax modules. FlexFuel also allows you to provide drivers either a single fuel card or multiple cards with a combined fixed limit.


IES FlexPay enables users who process gross-only payroll to easily outsource payroll services to a third-party vendor. The solution exports complete payroll information directly to a standard file that is accepted by several leading payroll companies. The payroll vendor can then process deductions, checks and other related functions.

Infographic of FlexEDI workflow


This EDI solution greatly simplifies the exchange of information between carriers and shipping partners. FlexEDI represents a single interface with multiple EDI translation partners to pass information including:

Carrier Generated Transactions

  • 210 – Freight Bill
  • 214 – Shipment Status
  • 990 – Accept/Reject
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement

Shipper Generated Transactions

  • 204 – Load Tender
  • 820 – Payment Remittance
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement

Lane Commitment

The Lane Commitment module helps you monitor the status of existing lane commitments/contracts to ensure the business is accepting and rejecting the right loads. It offers multiple options for defining lane origin/destination and lane conditions. You can define commitments and corresponding preferences to enable Innovative IES, Access or Access Plus to auto-accept or reject tenders. Data on accepted tenders is automatically written to the existing contract.

Mobile Apps – Dispatch and Driver

IES InMotion Dispatch

This powerful mobile app offers convenient, 24/7 dispatch functionality through the Innovative, Access and Access Plus solutions. Managers can use their mobile devices to review and accept/reject EDI shipments, enter check calls, review driver information, issue advances to drivers, track and trace customer orders and much more.

IES InMotion Driver

IES InMotion Driver allows authorized users to review trip details, send messages to dispatch, monitor hours of service, view paycheck information, upload photos of receipts, do basic circle of service and view their current route on map using an Android or iOS device.

Mobile Imaging

The Mobile Imaging module for the IES InMotion Driver app is an integrated document capture system that ties a captured image to the correct load, thereby reducing disruptions to freight settlement. The InMotion mobile app guides drivers through image capture and upload. Images include metadata to eliminate time intensive back-office research, all while reducing billing errors and disputes.

Cloud Imaging

Cloud Imaging is a turnkey imaging module for image capture, retrieval, indexing and rendition invoice printing. The solution integrates the Mobile Imaging app used by drivers and the Innovative IES, Access and Access Plus solutions to efficiently upload and manage bills of lading, invoices, manifests and other images and documents that need to be categorized together.


IES RouteSync helps carriers save fuel and increase accuracy, safety and on-time arrivals by providing drivers with Trimble Maps PC*MILER turn-by-turn trip routes – complete with optimized fuel stops via leading telematics devices and their Co*Pilot in-cab navigation. This helps ensure that the custom routes planned in the back office are executed by the drivers. Updated routes with optimized fuel solutions are automatically created when check call reroutes are performed.

Tank Wash

The IES Tank Wash module helps carriers monitor tank washes for equipment serving the food and bulk industry, all in accordance with Food Safety Modernization Act requirements. It automatically identifies which trailers meet shipper criteria and dispatches equipment – with correct wash tickets – to wash facilities. Carriers can easily reconcile purchase orders and invoices from wash facilities and assign costs to specific loads for billing purposes.


This cloud-based dispatch-to-delivery solution helps reduce operating costs and improve on-time delivery performance by automating ETA calculations, real-time load locations, true arrival times and any potential service issues. TruETA enables users to visualize live traffic flow, weather and road surface conditions – all to calculate accurate estimated times of arrival from dispatch to deliver. It also accounts for required driver breaks and calculates remaining HOS at each destination to support accurate, advanced planning.

Fleet Manager Board

A web-based, robust operations management tool, Fleet Manager Board is designed to improve visibility of on-time delivery service and driver performance. The module provides vital information, including the driver’s current location, the remaining distance to their next stop and driver HOS specifics. Precisely calculated estimated arrival times allow for improved customer satisfaction. Fleet Manager Board assists driver managers.